Our Smashburger line-up and a little bit more…

The Bag 'Em Burger

Experience the epitome of our brand with the Bag ‘Em Burger – not just a namesake, but an extraordinary smash burger that promises unparalleled delight. Comprising two seasoned 80/20 beef patties, Bag ‘Em Sauce, pickles, onions, and melted cheddar, all nestled in between a perfectly toasted bun, it’s a culinary celebration in every bite!

The Mister

Celebrate the flavors of the Midwest with our signature burger, adorned with a house olive and giardiniera tapenade, cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, ripe tomato, and a dollop of mayo. Indulge in this delectable treat that promises a taste experience like no other!

Double Fry & Bacon

Indulge in our Double Fry and Bacon creation – true to its name, it features two savory smash patties, melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, and, yes, the delightful addition of fries directly on the burger. It’s a mouthwatering combination that elevates your burger experience to a whole new level!

Bag 'Em Single

Meet the Bag ‘Em Single – it’s akin to the Bag ‘Em, with just one less patty, catering to those with a lighter appetite.

The Inverted Grilled Cheese

Delight in our Inverted Grilled Cheese, featuring three layers of cheddar slices nestled between a buttery inverted bun.

Nashville Hot Chicken Finger Sando

Savor the flavor of our 2 Crispy Fingers submerged in our House Chili Oil, cooled off with mayo, ketchup, pickle, and lettuce, all nestled between a pair of toasted buns.

Char-Grilled Chicken Sando

Indulge in our Chargrilled Chicken, featuring a 48-hour marinated char-grilled chicken breast accompanied by mayo, lettuce, and tomato, between a toasted bun.

Peri Peri Crinkles

Experience the deliciousness of our crinkle-cut French fries, coated in our house peri-peri seasoning and cooked to a perfect golden brown.

Shoestring Onion Rings

Dive into the extraordinary realm of our Shoestring Onion Rings—exceptionally light, irresistibly crispy, and seasoned to perfection.

*Substitute any burger with Impossible Meat Smash Patties for an additional $2.50

The BAG ‘EM Food Trailer is now available for Private Event Rentals!


Do you have a special event coming up that you’d like the

BAG ‘EM Food Trailer to be a part of?

There are three rental options to choose from:

We presently provide these three rental choices and

cannot make any adjustments.

Some things to consider before renting our food trailer…

Parking Requirements

The Bag ‘Em Food Trailer requires an outdoor parking space that is flat, level, and paved. Unobstructed entry and exit are essential. The dimensions of the Bag ‘Em Food Trailer are 28 feet in length and 10.5 feet in width. A map illustrating the trailer’s access route to your event is mandatory, and Bag ‘Em Food Trailer retains the right to relocate if the designated site proves unsuitable.

Travel Fees

With each Bag ‘Em Food Trailer rental, there will be a travel fee designed to cover any relevant costs associated with traveling to and from your event address. The pricing tiers mentioned above include all round-trip travel fees.

Why No French Fries?

The brief explanation is that when conceptualizing the Bag ‘Em Food Trailer, we anticipated limited space. However, we successfully incorporated your favorite Bag ‘Em Burgers and Infused Bevies, along with a tasty alternative: individually bagged, lightly salted kettle potato chips.

No Customizations

To ensure you and your guests receive as close to instant service as possible, our Bag ‘Em Food Trailer menu items are prepared exactly as described, with no substitutions or customizations. We appreciate your understanding.

Service Days & Hours

The Bag ‘Em Food Trailer is available for rental (subject to availability) from Tuesday to Saturday, with service times extending up to but not beyond 10 pm. For instance, if you opt for the 4-hour service rental, your event should commence no later than 6 pm.

Available Restrooms

In accordance with Tennessee State regulations, there must be access to a plumbed restroom with a handwashing station within 500 feet of the Bag ‘Em Food Trailer. This facility should be accessible for the Bag ‘Em Food Trailer crew while they are onsite.

Ready to bring the Bag ‘Em Food Trailer to your upcoming event?

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